What Lee Jessey Personal Training Offers

I offer a unique approach to fitness training which combines functional, dynamic & intense training styles to ensure your body works to its maximum potential whilst ensuring correct form and techniques at all times.

Using a wide range of equipment including battle ropes and olympic bars to keep training varied sessions are shorter in length, typically 30 minutes, but greater in intensity which can fit around busy schedules but whilst still achieving superb results.


Personal Training

Personal training should be exactly that - personal. It should be training that is catered for and specifically designed to suit YOU. Only then can you expect to achieve your end goal. I believe in ensuring you receive this. With sessions that push you to your maximum you really will begin seeing the results you’ve always wanted. We will use a variety of training styles, techniques & equipment along the way to work your entire body as well as focusing on any specific body areas you may see as a target area . Sessions are typically 30 minutes in length but greater in intensity. How many trainers offer 60 minute sessions but really only train you for 30/40 or maybe 50 mins if you’re lucky? These sessions are tough and challenging throughout with little rest time, but they are incredibly rewarding and leave you feeling energised & motivated for more.

At LJPT, when starting with any personal training client I will sit & discuss with you what the best way to measure your progress is both for me as your trainer, to monitor how you are progressing in my eyes, and yourself as the client, what things are most important for you to monitor and track. This will ensure all progress is monitored and results are visible to us both which is paramount.

I can also offer partner personal training sessions for those who prefer to train with a friend or family member, which can be a great way to push yourself, especially if you are competitively natured!

Personal Training Prices

1-2-1 Personal = 6x30min sessions charged at £90
Partner = 6x30 min charged at £150 (£75 each)

*Please contact me for introduction personal training offers*


Diet Advice

Most people are now aware of how important diet & eating habits are in order to achieve the results they want. What with it plastered all over the TV & internet etc there isn’t much choice really but with so much misleading information out there it is important to seek professional advice. Often diet is very opinionated and many different nutritionists, dieticians and even personal trainers will advise you of different methods and food types to follow in order to achieve success.

I try to take away the complicated aspect of diet and nutrition and just offer the simple yet most important advice and pointers which will then allow you to learn and adapt a personalised diet to suit YOU. After all a ‘diet’ shouldn’t be a thought of as a ‘diet’ as such but more as a lifestyle choice that can be followed and maintained throughout your life.


Diabetes Specific

Diabetes is a common life-long health condition where the amount of glucose in somebody’s blood is too high because the body can’t use it efficiently. With 3.2 million people diagnosed with it in the UK alone and an estimated 630,000 people who have it but don’t know it, it is becoming a major health issue in the UK and all over the world!

Being a type 1 diabetic myself I have experience in the lifestyle changes it requires when being first diagnosed and then going forward, the longer effects that diabetes can have on your lifestyle and eating/drinking habits. For more information with regards to diabetes diet & lifestyle management please contact me.



LJPT studio will also be offering a wide range of fitness classes throughout the week for those who prefer a group based, but just as intense training session. Classes will include:

#HIIT & Strength


A 30 minute class incorporating 20 mins of HIIT training & 10 minsAbs. Or will it be 10 mins HIIT & 20 mins Abs?


A full body workout which is often circuit based. This class will generally involve a group based warm up followed by a challenging circuit using a wide range of equipment.

KB- Tabata

A kettle bell based class combining tabata training and kettle bell exercises for a complete body workout. Great for increasing muscle strength, endurance and power as well as improving muscle definition.

HIIT & Strength

A combination of HIIT & strength work to kickstart your bodies & its metabolism for a full fat burning day.


Similar to FUEL! so generally this will be a circuit based class incorporating a bit of everything basically! Lots of equipment & not a lot of rest!


The perfect start to the weekend. This again will be a full body workout using high intensity and other effective methods to ensure you work your body to its limit.


A different class each week. It could be abs, it could be boxing, it could be a resistance bands based class.... to be announced every Saturday. Keep an eye out.

Class Timetable

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6.30-7.30am 20/10   HIIT & Strength        
9.30-10.15am       BodyHIIT      
9.30-10.30am           BodyHIIT  
6.30-7.30pm FUEL! KB-Tabata          
6.30-7.15pm       Switch-Up      
7.00-8.00pm     HAVOC!        


Click here to download the latest class timetable.

As of Wednesday 1st April 2015 there will be a 24 hour cancellation policy for all classes at the LJPT studio. Failure to give 24 hours cancellation notice will result in full payment being due before commencing your next class. Check out our Terms and Conditions page for more details!

Class Prices

There will be 2 loyalty cards available for LJPT classes.

PAYG - this is a Pay as you Go option which will be £5 per class paid before the class commences which will give you one stamp. 10 stamps = 1 FREE class.
PRE-PAY - this is a block pre-paid option which costs £45 and entitles you to attend any 10 classes of your choice. Valid for 60 days from date of purchase you’ve got plenty of time to use them up!


About Lee Jessey

I have great experience in working with a wide range of cliental. I have worked with clients who require fat loss, body sculpting, strength & conditioning and functional training for a specific sport as well as people who are just starting their fitness journey. Read More

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Personal Training

Personal training should be exactly that - personal. It should be training that is catered for and specifically designed to suit YOU. Only then can you expect to achieve your end goal. Read More

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