I started training with Lee twice a week to improve my fitness and to lose body fat.I have spent a lot of time and money over years to look good but my personal goals were not being reached which was very disappointing. After just three months of training with Lee I have lost 6cm (2 inches) around my waist.

Since working with Lee, I have realised how valuable his knowledge and expertise are. Lee has been very supportive, encouraging and most importantly has given me my enthusiasm back with regards to keeping fit.

The most important thing is that my body feels firmer and more toned than it ever has done. Lee is very patient and has a very professional attitude. He makes the training session very enjoyable & no two sessions are the same. He also advised on my food intake as well as providing regular feedback.I enjoy training with Lee and now love the way I look.



So I had a holiday booked for the beginning of May and decided to set myself a goal starting on 2nd January 2013 which was to change my body shape! I wasn’t fussed about "losing weight" I just wanted to get lean, improve my definition & increase my strength & fitness levels....basically I wanted to feel confident and look good in my bikini !!

So I contacted Lee following a recommendation from a friend – and looking back it was the best thing I did!! I started having joint PT sessions with a friend once/twice a week and found them fun & extremely rewarding to say the least! They were SO hard but Lee adapted all the exercises/reps to make them achievable (through LOTS of sweat!!), and really motivated us both to push through each and every exercise.

I then started having individual sessions which was great however ALL the focus was on me so there was definitely no extra breathers or slacking allowed haha. I have never been pushed so hard before, and yes it is the individual who pushes themselves physically but Lee was always there to push me that extra mile which I definitely couldn’t do with my own motivation.

Even though the sessions were 30 minutes I could not have done any longer...this was 30 minutes of hardcore, high intensity & non-stop exercise. Lee made sure that every session was completely different - using a wide range of equipment in the studio e.g. TRX, kettlebells, weighted bars, medicine balls, battle ropes, large tyres etc. Lee knew my strengths and pushed these to my limits, but he also ensured he focused on my weaknesses and really pushed me through - each and every minute was a challenge but I absolutely loved it!

After 4 months of hard work I was so pleased with what I had achieved, and a massive thanks goes to Lee for helping me get there... I couldn’t have done that on my own!! Obviously I changed my diet as well which is so important when you want to change your body shape and get lean – but with all the hard work and dedication I put in it was worth every single minute!! Highly recommended .



"Just stick with it - what seems tough now will one day be your warm up"

Lee Jessey

A friend introduced me to Lee about a year ago. I started attending his FUEL! class as and when I could. I have since become so hooked I attend FUEL! AND BodyCircuit every week! His classes are hard but fun & there is always a great atmosphere in his studio. One class is never the same so there is no chance of getting bored!

Lee is really passionate about what he does, he's not just a class instructor! I have found this out recently now that I have started personal training with him. In the last couple of months since I have started PT with Lee I am fitter and stronger than ever. He pushes me constantly (even takes me swearing at him!!) & really listens to what I want to achieve. Lee has helped me change my diet and doesn't mind when I bother him at the weekend whilst doing my shopping in Tesco! I feel completely comfortable when training and know I could ask Lee anything!

I have reached my goal 3 weeks before going on holiday and couldn't have done it without him. More goals & challenges are being set and I can't wait to see even more results!



Having known Lee for a number of years I was slightly concerned that my PT may be informal. Not a chance!!! Lee was more driven to achieve MY goals than I was. Sessions were fun (as they can be whilst working that hard) and varied everytime. With Lee’s PT sessions and a strict diet, I lost 17lb in 6 weeks.



Following hip surgery and rehab at my physiotherapists I asked Lee to help me get back into shape. He took time to investigate my injury and the exercises I could do and made me work hard to achieve my goals but was fun and enjoyable with great results at the end. I was back playing football shortly after and would recommend Lee to anyone who is looking to get in shape.


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