What is SHRED-IT ?

SHRED-IT is similar to the FullFit programme, but is a five week programme instead of four week and allows more time to learn, implement & manage a new, healthy lifestyle that suits you. 

Upon signing up you will receive a full information pack outlining nutritional guidelines for the five week programme along with advice & myth busters to set you up fully for the five week period that’s approaching. 

You will then attend the #1 assessment day which will include having body measurements taken, before pictures submitted & also fitness tests undertaken. 

Throughout the five week period you have unlimited access to the weekly LJPT classes to push your body as much as possible. 

At the end of the five weeks you will then attend #2 assessment day which will again include having body measurements taken, after pictures submitted & fitness tests re-taken - in order to ascertain your results & progress. 

At the end.. you will have gained knowledge on how to adapt & implement a clean approach to nutrition to suit your lifestyle & have made some lifelong changes for the better. 

Keep an eye out for when this programme is available to you. Spaces and booking will always be announced across all social media handles. 

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