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Launched in 2016, with the first retreat being held in Dubai.


Norfolk 2017

Review 1
“I had the most amazing love hate experience whilst away in Norfolk, to be honest I underestimated just how tough these few days would actually be !

With a 6am meet up and a few hours drive to get there we finally arrive and wow! The place we were staying in was amazing!
After dumping our bags in the house it was off out on a 3 mile run – the town itself was lovely – but no rest after the run as straight into a hardcore HIIT class – it was non stop !

Quite quickly it hit me just how physically tough as well as mentally challenging the next few days would be

Breakfast lunch and dinner were all top quality! Decent! Fresh! Wholesome meals – hats off to lee for being an amazing chef !

It was good to try different foods and learn new recipes and all to sit down together and gel with the group – which to be honest was easy as they were all so lovely.

But the end of day one I was fast asleep by 10pm - absolutely shattered – this was when it dawned on me that this was my life for the next 3 days

One thing I do have to say is thanks to is the team who went . . . They lifted people up when they were struggling and the support and respect which genuinely flowed was amazing – WE WERE TEAM NORFOLK – pushing ourselves totally out of our comfort zones every day

For me the biggest thing I leant from this all is how far you can push yourself if you put your heart and soul into it

Thanks Lee”


Review 2
“I attended Lee’s UK fitness retreat in Norfolk. When I first signed up I had no idea of what to expect and was slightly nervous/excited of what the weekend would involve but it did not disappoint. It was well organised, before the retreat we received a food menu for the weekend and also a timetable mapping out session times, breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as free time (a great chance to recharge before the next session begins). The daily schedule was varied including boxing, HIIT, kettlebells, resistance training to name just a few. All meals were home cooked and freshly prepared, they were easy to make, delicious and gave you great ideas to try at home.

For most of the group on the retreat it was the first time meeting each other, we were all at different fitness levels and strengths but thanks to a truly great team and Lee for the encouragement, motivation and lots of laughs it helped me get through a tough but rewarding weekend and made the experience so enjoyable.

All sessions took place in the grounds of our luxurious secluded country home for the weekend, as well as jogs and a ramble walk along the quay. When reaching the final day as well as achy muscles we all left buzzing after a brilliant weekend. Definitely a great personal challenge I would recommend. Thanks Lee for a great weekend.”


Review 3
“Despite my initial fear of what I had signed myself up for, I thoroughly enjoyed the LJPT Norfolk fitness retreat. I did not expect the fun, the bonding with a wonderful group of people, and the enjoyment I got from a very well balanced and thought out training programme.

As a PT client already, I had a rough idea of what was to come - but it certainly exceeded expectations in terms of what I gained from it on a fitness level and a personal level.

The food was certainly a highlight in terms of eating clean and learning what your body needs to refuel. Working together in a group environment and keeping each other going was also a personal highlight for me.

Overall, it was a great experience and I have come home feeling stronger and much more positive about what my body is capable of doing”





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