What is FullFit ?

FullFit is a four week fitness programme that improves your nutritional knowledge, makes you realise how hard you can push your body & minds with your training and therefore gives you all the tools to be able to live a healthier, cleaner and manageable lifestyle.

With an information pack that's sent out before the programme commences as well as constant guidance and support throughout the four week period you learn everything you need to know from food label reading/advice part, to the timings of when to eat what food types and weekly food diary feedback part. No leaf is left unturned with this programme and it really will give you the knowledge and confidence nutritional wise to make healthier choices for a healthier lifestyle long term.



Whats the Process ?

1. You will be sent an information pack outlining food choice recommendations, nutritional information, day to day health and fitness tips as well as the fitness test details for your 'initial' fitness testing day. 
2. You will be entered into a whatsapp group along with the other members who have signed up to the fitness programme where ongoing nutritional support, food picture sharing and general advice will be on hand 24/7. 
3. You will take 'before' pictures on the day of your 'initial' fitness testing and submit these. 
4. You will be measured by tape measure on arms, legs, waist & hips as well as having your weight, body fat percentage, visceral fat levels and BMI measured. 
5. You will then undergo the 'initial' fitness tests along with your fellow members which is always a great atmosphere and environment to push yourselves to 100%. 
6. You then receive unlimited LJPT classes throughout the month that you have signed up for which allows you to train up to 7 times per week! 
7. You will then take your 'after' pictures on the 'final' assessment day and submit to see the changes to your body over the four weeks. 
8. You will then be re-measured by tape measure on arms, legs, waist & hips as well as having your weight, body fat percentage, visceral fat levels and BMI measured to see changes from before. 
9. You will then undergo the 'after' fitness tests with your fellow members and the the improvements made in your fitness levels come to fruition. 
10. You will then receive your feedback which will include a breakdown of all your body measurements and stats changes as well as the differences in your fitness test figures and before/after pictures collaged together to see noticeable changes to your body shape. 


Keep an eye out for when this programme is available to you. Spaces and booking will always be announced across all social media handles. 

To check out previous posts on FullFit please search social media for #TeamLJPT #FullFit



Review 1
"I have just completed my second #FullFit with Lee and a group of 12 others.
I have learnt so much from not only Lee but the group as a whole. Every one has shared so many food ideas and kept each other motivated.
Lee gave us a lot of nutrition advice and was happy to answer any questions we had throughout the month.
Lee also kept classes varied and fun which always helps.
Seeing my fitness levels increase at the end of the of the 4 weeks is a great achievement for me and shows that with the right help and mindset you can achieve a lot in a short space of time. I am now working towards the follow up test and my personal goals!
Would defiantly recommend doing #FullFit - especially if you struggle to motivate yourself!
Lee is a great PT and all his classes keep you interested, and you always feel welcomed by the group!"


Review 2
"I've been on a continuous journey with Lee for two and a half years and sometimes it can be hard to stick to a regime and keep "on it" all the time. So I jump at the chance to get involved with Lee's FullFit programme that he runs. 
They're a great way to give me a boost and keep me on track. The support and encouragement that others give is great and I learn something new every time from everyone's recipes and ideas. 
Lee is always on hand for advice and to answer all of our questions. He keeps classes exciting and different and really pushes us in our tests so we get the best results possible."

Review 3
“Just completed Lee's #FullFit programme and feel great for it, if you have not done one yet you need to get booking! I have a crazy busy schedule so to fit everything in was a big challenge BUT with Lee's many class times to fit around your schedule how ever busy you are it is do able and great fun, the group chat full of loads of meal ideas was great and just having a support group helping you through was brilliant. Lee is full of knowledge and great at what he does and if you sign up you will not be disappointed."






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