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Individually designed intense & functional training to guarantee results. Diabetes specific diet & lifestyle advice.

Fat loss & body transformation

This is often looked upon as one of the toughest things to do but I have great experience in working closely with clients who have earmarked fat loss and transforming their body as a main goal. With both male and female success stories, it just proves that it is possible!

Your body is an amazing tool and by incorporating exercises which involve multiple muscle groups it will be pushed harder than ever to ensure it is working to its maximum. With a variety of training intensities & target heart rates being reached it certainly isn't easy, but with enjoyable and rewarding training sessions it is most definitely worth it. Especially when you begin seeing the results you’ve always wanted.


Muscle definition & sculpting

Whether you are in ‘OK’ shape and train relatively hard but need that extra push and knowledge to ensure you look more defined than ever or you are just starting out and want to achieve results as quickly as possible - I can help. However you approach it, gaining muscle definition is a tough thing to achieve, but by combining a variety of training styles and using a variety of equipment and techniques to push your body and muscles to a new level, this training is most certainly a way to do that. We will work muscles specifically and with perfect technique to ensure muscles work to their maximum throughout training sessions.


Strength & conditioning

This is generally sports specific but can also be for anybody who is looking to develop muscle strength whilst conditioning them to be able to work to their optimum.Using battle ropes, Olympic bars and much more in a functional and dynamic way we can really push your muscles to new levels of strength. I have worked with rugby players, jiu-jitsu athletes as well as track athletes, footballers and golfers so I have a wide range of experience in a variety of sports to ensure you achieve the best. Working in a functional way that often replicates your chosen sport so we ensure your body and muscles are as strong as possible and you are ready to compete at your best!


My Recent Work

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A new & unique approach to fitness training, make the change today!

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Offering a unique approach to fitness training which combines functional, dynamic & intense training styles to ensure your body works to its maximum potential whilst ensuring correct form and techniques at all times.

Using a wide range of equipment including battle ropes and olympic bars to keep training sessions varied and shorter in length, typically 30 minutes, but greater in intensity which can fit around busy schedules whilst still achieving superb results.

LJPT also offers a wide range of fitness classes throughout the week for those who prefer a group based but just as intense training session.

About Lee Jessey

I have great experience in working with a wide range of cliental. I have worked with clients who require fat loss, body sculpting, strength & conditioning and functional training for a specific sport as well as people who are just starting their fitness journey. Read More

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Personal Training

Personal training should be exactly that - personal. It should be training that is catered for and specifically designed to suit YOU. Only then can you expect to achieve your end goal. Read More

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